Awareness of the severity of some food allergies has expanded in the past few years, but many people still suffer from daily aches and pains due to a dietary issue. Allergy testing can change that. Research continues to show links between illnesses like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, migraines, and chronic pain to food allergies. A simple sandwich could contain dozens of triggers that send you into a fog of confusion, dizziness, and inflammation. Extensive testing can be completed here at our office to help you quickly rule out hundreds of potential allergies.

What Irritants Can You Test For?

We offer ALCAT testing to provide the widest range of panel options. You can choose from dozens of options to measure your reactions to over 200 food items and many other common allergy triggers. The wide range of allergens covered by the tests include:

  • Common foods like mushrooms, shellfish, peanuts, strawberries, and wheat
  • Herbs and other supplements commonly used to treat illnesses
  • Pesticides and other environmental hazards
  • Nearly two dozen molds and mildews that develop in and around homes
  • Antibiotics and other medications that can trigger serious reactions

What Are the Differences Between Allergies and Intolerance?

When a patient is allergic to a food or additive ingredient, they usually encounter symptoms like hives, wheezing, confusion, and stomach pain. These kinds of allergic reactions are far less common than general intolerance for a given food. Many people have an intolerance to one or more foods that cause low grade but persistent symptoms. Skin problems, headaches, and insomnia can all arise when a food intolerance goes untreated. Modifying your diet to avoid just a few snacks or ingredients could give you remarkable results. However, you will not know what exactly to cut out if you do not invest in ALCAT testing first.

What Does the Allergy Testing Involve?

In order to determine what foods your body reacts to, a technician must draw your blood for the test. Only a relatively small amount is needed for testing. The sample is analyzed with state of the art equipment. A full report is produced, based on the panels of testing you chose, to highlight which foods are safe to eat and which may be triggering your symptoms. The test results often come back very quickly, allowing you to begin adjusting your diet to see if you feel better without the recommended foods.

Which Symptoms Can Food Allergies Cause?

Most people with a food allergy or intolerance experience one or more painful and irritating symptoms. It is rare that patients with triggering diets do not have at least one symptom like:

  • Difficulty maintaining a healthy weight
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome and its accompanying symptoms
  • Arthritis and other forms of joint pain and swelling
  • General fatigue, mental fog, and daily confusion
  • Difficulty concentrating on daily tasks
  • Headaches or debilitating migraines that return regularly
  • Skin disorders

Even if your symptoms have other causes, reducing foods you are intolerant to can reduce overall inflammation and reverse low energy levels. This makes it an ideal complementary treatment when undergoing care for spinal problems or nerve compression.

When choosing a facility for your food allergy and intolerance testing, consider us first. We have a full medical team to help you interpret your results and choose a course of action. There are many benefits to choosing a team that works together seamlessly to treat each patient at every level. Learn about your individual sensitivities with a full panel of ALCAT allergy testing. You don’t have to leave the New Haven area when you use our office.

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