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Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy


Welcome to Spinal Healthcare & Physical Medicine, a unique integration of traditional healthcare and chiropractic.

In our best effort to restore hope, health and healing, and to introduce a new approach to “health” care, we have formed an innovative approach with our Doctor of Chiropractic and support staff who are uniquely qualified in restoring health, to assure you will be receiving the most complete form of “health” care available.

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Dr. Bosler is here to help re-align your spine and extremities as well as restore the natural curves in your neck, midback, and low back. This results in enhanced strength, flexibility, and overall decreased stress on your body. Our support staff are also wonderfully helpful for those patients who suffer from acute or chronic conditions that may require a little extra assistance.

Spinal Healthcare & Physical Medicine is here to enhance your health through a holistic approach that not only encompasses pain relief but addresses the issue of “why” you feel the way you do. We help your body restore balance and assist you in your goals for health and healing. Whether it is the aging process, accidents, poor posture, improper ergonomics, sports injuries, scoliosis or small traumas that have accumulated over time, our wish is to educate, treat, and guide you back to health…naturally.

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