At Spinal Healthcare & Physical Medicine, we treat a variety of conditions for our clients in the Fort Wayne, New Haven, Woodburn, Monroeville, and surrounding areas. We realize too there are times you might want to know about the products and services we have used, found helpful, etc. So, we are providing this listing of services and products we have found helpful for a number of people.

Just as if you purchased a product or service through our office directly, we do in the case of many of these gain a profit. Though any financial gain is negligible in many cases, and we only advocate what we believe is truly helpful anyway, as always, we want to be upfront with you about anything we encourage or promote. If you haven’t already and would like to talk with us about any of these, please contact us for further guidance.


Amazon- Yes, the worlds quickest and most convenient source for online shopping! Notice the coupons, and consider signing up for Honey to get even more promotional coupons for Amazon as well as easy comparisons of the cheapest deals for you.


Keep in mind the importance of pure water!

Berkey Filters and Systems are the Best!


One of our favorites from Amazon is Black Seed Oil!:)

 Okay…. For those of you who love Ebay too, try the link here for Ebay.


  Detox Resources  –  This page on our site has helpful information, both video and general information, that can guide you toward making the best decisions regarding whether or not detox is for you and what can help when you decide how you want to approach detoxing.

Have Fun Detoxing with Tamarind!:)

Philippine Brand Dried Mango Tamarind Balls, 3.53-Ounces Pouches (Pack of 10)

Tamarind Paste

Use Black Seed Oil for detox among many other wonderful benefits!:)

 Sound Sleep – Sleep well with good support and without the common toxins of standard mattresses!
Try the Nolah Mattress RISK-FREE for 120 nights in your own home

While you are sleeping, you might want to try the famous My Pillow. For the best deals including Bundle Savings! to share with family, friends, etc. or just great promotional offers, try here.


Summits -The following are excellent webinars and summits that either still provide free viewing options, will in the future, or no longer have free viewing options but do have options to purchase the programs with hours of expert information, which is both user-friendly and conveniently accessed 24/7.

Arthritis Summit

Autoimmune Revolution 

Chronic Headache and Migraine Summit

Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2

Evolution of Medicine: Genetics

Global Stress Summit

Healing Hashimoto’s Summit

Immune Defense Summit

Interpreting Your Genetics

Mental Wellness Summit 2

Microbiome Medicine Summit 2

Parasite Summit

Sweet Freedom Summit


Labs – The Walk-In Lab Blood Test  service provides access to lab services for anything from allergies, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, and drug testing to stress-related labs, Lyme Disease testing, thyroid, and hormone testing. These are all labs for which you do not have to have a referral from a doctor. Review the sales tab on the site for current special offers, as they are often quite good. This service uses the same labs, hospitals, etc. to which your physician would otherwise refer you in most cases such as LabCorp, which has many offices in the area. Whether you are in Fort Wayne, New Haven, Woodburn, Monroeville, or surrounding areas, there are likely labs within a reasonable distance just as if you had been referred by your primary physician.

Better Lab Tests Now also offers a variety of tests including toxic metal testing, thyroid testing, orthopedic materials reactivity tests, dental materials reactivity tests, and so on. There is quite a diversity of lab tests, which are also conveniently obtained.

Another excellent source of labs including those for thyroid, Lyme Disease, and many others is True Health Labs.


Food and Supplements including herbs, therapeutic oils, nuts, fruit, protein, etc.

At-Cost Specials

Check out the above link (click the banner) for The Raw Food World, one of the best places for awesome specials on hard to find as well as quality common supplements, snacks, and other healthy deals. Whether you are looking for hemp oil, CBD, supplements, fruits, nuts, coconut oil, or whatever, this is a tried and true go-to source. Enjoy!:)

Save up to 40% on Organifi Complete Vegan, Soy Free, Gluten Free, and Dairy Free Organic Protein; Save up to 40% on all new Organifi Complete Protein

Simplify your life with Sun Basket’s healthy, easy family meals—no meal planning and no grocery shopping required. Sun Basket’s Family menu offers family-friendly dishes to serve up to 4 people, with Paleo-Friendly, Gluten-Free, and Vegetarian Family options. You choose!:) Recipes are designed for quick prep and clean-up. Oh…. and, for right now, you can get $35 off Sun Basket meals!

 Drinking Water and Filters!:)

Try a Berkey Filtration System!:) It is the most cost-effectivee of just about any system given the life of the filters. These are convenient, portable, and actually eliminate things most filters don’t too such as fluoride. Amazing! Check out the current Berkey deals here, and ask Dr. B what she thinks about Berkey water.:)