Wrist Pain Carpal Tunnel Help

Can I get help for my carpal tunnel, wrist pain, hand pain, arm injuries, and/or other similar problems through Spinal Healthcare and Dr. Susan Bosler?

It can take years of daily Internet surfing or weekly tennis matches for the subtle aching and throbbing of wrist damage to set in. While conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are fairly well known, other forms and causes of wrist pain are slightly harder to diagnose. Check out the symptoms that aren’t usually linked to issues with the carpal tunnel to determine what might be causing your stiffness and inflammation. If your wrist issues aren’t being caused by repetitive strain, changing your computer habits or eliminating certain behaviors may not be enough to stop the pain. One stop to our office can help you determine exactly what is going on inside your body.

What is Wrist Pain?

Everyone has experienced a little aching in the joints after a stumble or a long run. The pain caused by chronic wrist issues is often more subtle and pervasive than that kind of fatigue. The umbrella of wrist pain can encompass other related issues like numbness, tingling, tremors, and skin ailments like itching and redness.

Wrist Pain Symptoms

When pain develops, it can manifest in a number of distinct ways. Separating the sensations can help you determine the exact cause. Watch out for symptoms like:

  • Weakness and trouble closing the hand or holding items with just the wrist
  • Swelling of the muscles and tendons
  • Decreased strength of the thumb and forefinger
  • Numbness and loss of sensation in the hand and wrist
  • Heat and tenderness on the surface of the joint
  • Throbbing feelings in the wrist or fingers

Causes of Wrist Pain

Many of the temporary or minor wrist ailments are caused by repetitive movement. This could involve writing with a pen, small movements as you work, or typing on a keyboard. However, other common causes of wrist pain include:

  • Diabetes, which may cause damage to the nerves in the wrist and hand
  • Arthritis and the more aggressive rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sports injuries or accidents that sprain the joint
  • Ganglion cysts that press on the nerves
  • Degenerative disorders like Kienbock’s disease
  • Gout and pseudo-gout due to calcium deposits
  • Bursitis and tendonitis
  • The hormonal changes of pregnancy and menopause

Wrist Pain Risks

It can be tempting to ignore wrist and hand pain when it’s not very bothersome. However, prompt treatment is best if you want to ensure the problem doesn’t get worse. If you are trying to avoid wrist pain, look out for lifestyle risks like:

  • Participation in organized or recreational sports
  • Chronic illnesses like lupus, leukemia, and diabetes
  • Repetitive tasks for work or hobbies like sewing or typing

Wrist Pain Treatment Options

No matter the cause of your wrist irritation and tenderness, you can find non-invasive options to relieve your symptoms. There is no need to resort to surgery and the risk it brings until you have tried treatments from Spinal Healthcare & Physical Medicine that include:

  • Stretches to relieve tension in the muscles and tendons
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Gentle massage therapy to eliminate pain
  • Splints and braces to stabilize and put pressure on the joint
  • Lifestyle changes to eliminate repetitive strain

Solve Your Joint Pain

We have many testing options available for patients who visit us in our New Haven office. If you have been waiting for months or years to relieve your numbness and tingling, the right diagnostics can help you pinpoint the cause. Custom treatment plans are easily designed once we find the reason behind your chronic pain in the wrists.