Pregnancy can be a wonderful time for a woman who is transitioning into motherhood for the first time or for the fifth time. However, there are a number of side effects to pregnancy that can disrupt your daily routine. It is best to set aside plenty of rest time during the second half of your term in case common issues like the back pain pregnancy can cause. Asking friends and family to help could help you stay off your feet. If you are simply too busy with family or work for an aching back, come in to our New Haven clinic for safe and conservative treatments to relieve the strain.

What is Back Pain during Pregnancy?

Many women already have some form of mild or generalized back pain before they become pregnant. Even if your back is free of pain, the extra weight of the baby can put a lot of wear and tear on the spine. Hormonal changes also contribute to the likeliness of back pain. There is no need to live with chronic irritation after your baby has been born if you seek treatment when the pain first appears.

Back Pain during Pregnancy Symptoms

If the pregnancy itself is causing the pain, it is likely to be moderate to mild and localized in one region or another. Most of our patients report:

  • Lumbar pain and inflammation in the lower back
  • Irritation deep in the pelvis or through the groin and rear
  • Aching along the spine or in the legs and shoulders
  • Loss of flexibility and stiffness that makes it hard to bend or twist

Cause of Back Pain During Pregnancy

There are numerous bodily changes that evolve as your pregnancy progresses. The enlargement of the uterus can lead to muscle pain or pressure on key nerves. The most common causes of back pain during pregnancy include:

  • The 30 pounds or more that most women gain
  • Stooping and other poor posture changes due to the extra weight
  • Loosening of spinal ligaments due to hormonal changes
  • Separation of muscles in the pelvis and abdominal to accommodate the growing fetus
  • Excessive exercise or time spent on the feet due to work

Back Pain During Pregnancy Risks

Some women experience back during pregnancy no matter what they do, which is also the case for morning sickness and general fatigue. There are ways to avoid unnecessary damage to your back by taking care of yourself during the second and third trimester. Stick with good practices like:

  • Stick with low heeled shoes that offer plenty of arch support
  • Don’t stand for more than an hour at a time if possible
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects, especially when your center of gravity shifts
  • Sleep on your side to support the weight
  • Try sleeping on a firmer mattress or with a board below you to support the spine

Back Pain during Pregnancy Treatment Options

It can be risky to take painkillers when you are pregnant because most drugs can affect the fetus. Look for alternatives at our New Haven office that include:

  • Exercise plans that help you properly alternative rest and activity for a stronger spine
  • Chiropractic manipulation to restore the proper alignment of your back
  • Recommendations for application of heat or cold to ease the pain
  • Massage that helps you relax and release the stress of managing your pregnancy

Make Pregnancy a Comfortable Experience

Visiting the Spinal Healthcare & Physical Medicine could help you finish up the rest of your term with less pain and more energy as you prepare for the birth and exciting experiences to come. When people seek back support before symptoms even set in, it is possible in cases to get all the way through the nine months without notable irritation or inflammation. Seek immediate treatment from your physician if you suddenly experience sharp pains in the spine or cramping that won’t stop. This could indicate a more serious condition like osteoporosis or even premature labor. Reach out to us too as you look at ways to proactively help pain.